Private Advisors & Fine Art Dealers

With decades of art world experience, LV Art Group specializes in privately and discreetly handling art transactions, specializing in secondary market modern pieces and importing Latin American fine art. Our firm has earned a solid reputation as a leading American dealer for a wide variety of modern art. We also boast one of the largest private collections of Roberto Matta.

Please contact us to discuss how LV Art Group can assist with your collection needs.

Experience and Expertise

We handle a uniquely broad range of quality artworks from the 1860s through present. We actively buy, collect, import, and resell pieces from the modern era and assist buyers and sellers across a wide spectrum. Our office in Las Vegas, Nevada, works with other dealers across the globe to source desirable pieces and allows us to offer our clients a discreet and professional service.

Our Approach

We tailor advice to your individual taste and collecting aims using our detailed understanding of the secondary art market and its many faces. Unlike many dealers who are inexperienced collectors themselves, Mr. Carlson owns a private collection consisting of many pieces from well-known modern artists, which gives him significant insight into the collector mindset.

Our clients buy art for many reasons, all of which are personal. As a reputable dealer in a complex market, we bring integrity and clarity to an often-opaque industry and maintain discretion in all our dealings. We respect client decisions and privacy. This has allowed us to build long-term relationships with collectors and an extensive network of other brokers and industry professionals.

As art world experts, we are passionate about each piece and conduct extensive due diligence on every transaction. We take scholarship seriously and our specialists work with a close-knit group of authorities and curators to conduct professional research and authentication for our clients.

Our Team

The extensive knowledge, scholarship, and collector’s might of our team of proven experts enables us to offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our fluency in the secondary art market provides clients with an excellent perspective for informed decision-making. Our access to the great collections of the modern era allows us to exceptionally service our clients.

Ryan Carlson

BA Classics – Principal

Mr. Carlson is an avid art collector and dealer. Over the last decade, Mr. Carlson has amassed one of the largest private collections of Roberto Matta.  Additional features in his Latin American collection include Wifredo Lam, Joaquín Torres-García, Antonio Berni, and Fernando de Szyszlo.  Mr. Carlson’s passion for fine art is profound and he prides himself on sourcing unique works for himself, clients, and close associates.

Michael Kenzo

MA Art History – Principal

Mr. Kenzo is an expert on modern art and has brokered hundreds of primary and secondary transactions in the fine art world. Mr. Kenzo works closely with fine art auctioneers to facilitate sales for select clientele and coordinates with professional researchers when conducting due diligence for clients. Mr. Kenzo oversees operations for LV Art Group, including client relations, sales, and brokerage matters.

Emily Fernandez

BA Art History – Office Manager

Ms. Fernandez coordinates the day-to-day operations of LV Art Group. She is responsible for handling transaction details, attending auctions, exhibitions, and art fairs on behalf of LVAG, and maintaining Mr. Carlson’s personal collection.


We advise clients on all aspects of buying, selling, and collection management. We are happy to assist with the sale or purchase of a single work of art or an entire collection or estate.






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